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No one carries cash and your tips, donations, and purchases suffer.

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How it Works

Tipary allows bartenders, musicians, and service workers to receive tips and donations.

Download Tipary on a device you can use at an event.

Once you have downloaded the app, set up your account and link it to Stripe. With a Stripe account you will get tips directly into your bank account.

You can easily set up preferred tip or donation amounts. The amounts you set will appear on a patron's phone when they scan your code.

Place your device in view, or print your tip badge so patrons can start paying you by scanning your QR code! They don't even need an app!


Free to Download. Free to Sign Up!

We charge a fee of 25ยข + 1% + the Stripe service fee per successful charge.

Example: If you received a tip of $5, service fees were then applied, the amount deposited in your account would be $4.25

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Tipary is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Start getting paid now!

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